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"Bonu shirinliklari" LLC

<p>Jizzakh confectionery factory (LLC "Bonu sweets") is known under the trademark "Deya". The plant is equipped with equipment designed in accordance with modern European standards.<br /> Modern equipment and technologies produced by experts from Russia, Ukraine and Poland have made it possible to obtain quality products.<br /> We place great emphasis on the individual packaging of products sold in the retail sector, which ensures their long-term preservation and sterilization of fresh and taste quality. You will be able to choose and determine your preferences from the available products in the market, which are rich in different products.</p>

“Shirin Asal” LTC New

“Shirin Asal” LTC

<p>Confection,Chocolate & Cocoa Production</p>


<p>The Sladus brand was founded in 2010. Today, Sladus Produce LLC is the largest producer of dragee sweets in Uzbekistan. The products of our factory are distinguished by great taste and bright original packaging. In a short time, we have managed to gain the trust of not only domestic consumers, but also potential buyers of foreign countries.</p>