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"Green Desert" LLC New

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"Green Desert" LLC
"Green Desert" LLC

<p>The founders of TM "Ecofruit" began their activities in 2009. The main activity is the sale of natural agricultural products, as well as industrial supplies to processing enterprises.</p> <p>The company started growing grapes on its own plantations in 2015. This region is distinguished by a unique geographical location: the region is windy, sunny, located far from the industrial zone and is located in an ecologically clean territory, therefore, this makes it possible to obtain an ecologically clean product. In addition to grapes, we grow apricots of various varieties, walnuts “Chandler”, and various varieties of almonds “Guara”, “Nonparelle”, “Bellona”, “Lauren”.<br />  <br /> The company provides a wide range of organic products with over 150 items of dried fruits, legumes and nuts, at competitive prices. The process of preparing products includes: growing, drying, processing and packaging. The organization is engaged in the packaging of various finished products for supermarket chains.<br />  </p>


<p>"RAJ INTERNATIONAL" LLC is an Indian company that deals with supplying Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles</p>

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<p>Today Altınmarka is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial cocoa and chocolate, and a trusted solutions partner to leading global brands in over 50 countries worldwide.<br /> In 2012, Altınmarka was honored with "Europe's Best Cocoa and Chocolate Factory of the Year" award, presented by the European Candy Kettle Club.<br /> Our state-of-the-art production plants in Istanbul encompass cocoa processing and industrial chocolate production facilities with a combined annual capacity of 270,000 tonnes, making Altınmarka the 6th largest producer of cocoa and the 2nd largest producer of industrial chocolate in the world.<br /> We supply highest-grade cocoa powder, cocoa butter and cocoa mass while our chocolate product offer ranges across literally hundreds of liquid or moulded chocolate recipes for chocolate ingredients, inclusions, decorations and finished chocolate products.</p>


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<p>FGV IFFCO is guided by a set of core values: Integrity, Teamwork, Citizenship, Entrepreneurship and Openness & Trust.<br /> These corporate values are the core drivers of our corporate belief system and are strongly engrained in all our offices worldwide. Every FGV IFFCO employee conforms to the moral and ethical corporate code of conduct based on our guiding principles. These core values inspire and guide our work. They also enable us to improve and enhance lives of everyone we work with, by improving the way we do our business.<br /> Integrity: Honesty and Fairness guide our every action.<br /> Teamwork: We value individual excellence and work as a team for the benefit of our stakeholders. Citizenship: We contribute to the development of individuals and the social and economic fabric of our communities, and we act as stewards of the environment.<br /> Entrepreneurship: We prize individual initiative to meet opportunities and deliver results. Openness & Trust: We are open to other ideas and opinions, and we trust our colleagues.</p>


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<p>Renas Gıda Kimyevi Maddeler Dış Tic. was established in order to share its 10 years of import and export experience in the food ingredients industry with our valued customers and to provide faster and more effective solutions. With our young and dynamic team, we work with the same energy of the first day, creating strong synergy with our customers. We see our customers as our business partners and by our vast supply network we provide their raw material needs with world's leading brands extending from China to America, Malaysia and Indonesia to Gana and Ivory Coast, Europe to Turkey. With the aim of contributing to Turkey's economical growth, we export our products to Middle East, CIS and Central Asia, Balkans and Africa. We offer the most economical solutions with our customer satisfaction and result oriented approach. They say 'time is money'.We will continue to provide customer satisfaction and strengthen our cooperation with our fast and quality service.</p>


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<p>Export of fresh fruits and vegetables to Europe and the Russian Federation.</p>

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"Far promtechimpeks" LL...
"Far promtechimpeks" LLC

<p>Exporting fruits and vegetables. Explore the Uzbek fruits and vegetables with SAEMS UZBEKISTAN! .</p>

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"Turonbek M" Private En...
"Turonbek M" Private Enterprise

<p>Grapes, Fruits, Vegetables, Sheep wool at an agreed price</p> <p>Grapes - 1000 tons,</p> <p>Washed - 700 tons</p> <p>Unwashed - 1000 tons</p>


<p>The main purpose of our activity is to "export and import" fresh fruits (cherries, apricots, peaches, lemons, vegetables and many other melons ...). One of the main tasks of our activity is to find new partners and establish cooperation in order to expand the export and import potential. In addition, the cultivation of legumes and legumes, in the livestock sector: the breeding of cattle, camels, horses, poultry, beekeeping, hunting and wildlife, wholesale trade in fruits and vegetables, and other trade. Wholesale trade in knitwear is also included.</p>


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<p>The company "Elmurodjon Meva Savdo" LLC is a producer and exporter of Dried fruits and nuts, fruits, vegetables and brooms in Uzbekistan. A wide range of high quality goods, we sell and send our products to the CIS countries at wholesale prices. We also provide assistance in customs clearance, shipping and handling of products.<br /> Below is the name and stock of our products:<br /> 1. Dried prunes. (Hungarian, Spanish, balonchik, bone).<br /> 2. Peanuts, peeled (roasted, calibrated).<br /> 3. Scarlupe peanuts (fried).<br /> 4. Walnut (any varieties, scarlupe).<br /> 5. Dried apricots (apricot, lemon, sugar, gold).<br /> 6. Mash.<br /> 7. Beans (red, white).<br /> 8. Campot mixture (any grades).<br /> 9. Almonds (peeled, scarlupe).<br /> 10. Apricot kernel.<br /> 11. Venniki (broom, Moldovan, probing, for children).<br /> 12. Watermelons, melons, persimmon (beetle), onions, garlic.</p> <p>Prices are all available and are provided upon request for any product. Prices will often change due to a shortage or oversupply of the market for one or another product. Our most reliable representative is the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Belarus</p>


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<p>“BTC EXIM GROUP Ltd” is an export company in Uzbekistan with many years of experience behind it, working in the B2B segment, with the aim of supplying a wide range of fresh, dried and processed fruits and vegetables from Uzbekistan to the world, providing the best quality, impeccable service, safety and competitive prices.<br /> Our company, covering the entire chain of work "from the farm to the customer's warehouse", acts as a link between Uzbek manufacturers of various types of products throughout the country and importers around the world in order to provide a wide range, the necessary volumes, stability and the best conditions for importers.<br /> We offer our clients an individual solution, providing all the support and assistance they need. Each of us in the company team strives to achieve the best results for our clients.<br /> The best quality, the best prices, the best service, customized solutions, stability, responsibility, honesty and transparency allow us to build long-term business relationships with every client around the world and this makes us successful.<br /> We cooperate with clients all over the world and carry out delivery to any point of your choice by delivery of cars and air transport. We have a flexible pricing system, so we can always offer you reasonable prices in accordance with your needs.<br /> We invite you to cooperate in the wholesale supply of fresh and processed fruits and vegetables from sunny Uzbekistan!</p>

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"Pamir pistachio co." L...
"Pamir pistachio co." LTC