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"HABEEB YAR General Trading" LLC

<p>Habeeb Yar General Trading LLC was founded in 2015 and has long been successfully engaged in the international trade of electrical goods, household appliances and electronic components.  At this stage, our company has to offer a copper wire rod, which is the basis for the production of most of the components of electrical and electronic products.  The offered copper wire rod is produced from copper ore and is a product of class M0, the mass fraction of copper, in which is 99.99%, and is not a secondary production product.  Our products were manufactured at the Almalyk Mining and Metallurgical Combine of the Republic of Uzbekistan.<br />   If you are interested in our offer, please contact us using the contact details below.</p>


<p>EURL MAGIQUE CIRE LTC manufacturers cork for wine bottles</p>

"SarlMagic Import-Export" LLC

<p>The Company SarlMagic Import-Export deals with exportig woody products and products required in honeybees industry</p>

"Raymond John" LLC New

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"Raymond John" LLC
"Raymond John" LLC

<p>RODUCT/PROOF OF PRODUCT: BONNY LIGHT CRUDE OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARD EXPORT QUALITY OF THE FOLLOWING SPECIFICATION: Specific gravity (API) 34.17 Specific Gravity at 150c, kg/1 ASTMD1298/P 0.8497-9.8498 API at 60 Degrees F ASTM Table 51 47 - 21 Salinity ASTMD 4006/1P 358 4.7P.T.B @ 60 Degrees F Color Dark Brown BS & W Content [Vol. %] ASTMD 473/1P 53 0.25 Average Sulfur %WT ASTMD 0.14% wt Pour Point Degrees F ASTMD 97/1P.15 40º[F] Degrees F Water Content: 0.2% Vol. Max REIB Vapor Pressure: 6.52PSIG</p>