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"Accredited Distributors" LLC

<p>Accredited Distributors are a part of Australia's leading national wholesaler group - The Distributors. We specialise in the sales and distribution of beverages, confectionery, snacks and grocery products.</p>



<p>In Uzbekistan, as in the whole of the former USSR, during the years of perestroika and in subsequent years, the long-standing foundations of the centralized supply of raw materials in all sectors of the national economy began to collapse. Due to these and many other economic reasons, in Uzbekistan after gaining independence, the volume of production began to decline sharply and industrial enterprises stopped. These processes also affected the confectionery industry represented mainly by two giants - confectionery factories - Tashkent "Urtak" and Yangiyul "Lazzat". “A holy place is never empty” and Uzbekistan began to import foreign, mainly Turkish and Iranian confectionery products, attracting consumers only with its bright packaging. During these years, the activity of our company began, which established the production of confectionery products from three types of hard caramel.</p>



<p>Vita Boom - Honey with nuts and dried fruits improve brain function, strengthen memory, saturate the body with minerals and unsaturated acids. In addition, the product strengthens the immune system and increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood, gives strength, energy, and is also useful for the work of the cardiovascular system. The product is very useful and has practically no side effects.</p>

"Bonu shirinliklari" LLC

<p>Jizzakh confectionery factory (LLC "Bonu sweets") is known under the trademark "Deya". The plant is equipped with equipment designed in accordance with modern European standards.<br /> Modern equipment and technologies produced by experts from Russia, Ukraine and Poland have made it possible to obtain quality products.<br /> We place great emphasis on the individual packaging of products sold in the retail sector, which ensures their long-term preservation and sterilization of fresh and taste quality. You will be able to choose and determine your preferences from the available products in the market, which are rich in different products.</p>

«Lazzat Karamel» LLC New

«Lazzat Karamel» LLC

<p>The confectionery factory JV Lazzat Karamel LLC dates back to 2011 and is one of the largest confectionery enterprises in Uzbekistan, it is a high-tech enterprise with a production volume of 4000 tons of confectionery (assorted caramel) per year.</p>

“Zarrin Ghazal (DAITY)” LLC

<p>Ice cream & Dairy Production</p>

“Shirin Asal” LTC New

“Shirin Asal” LTC

<p>Confection,Chocolate & Cocoa Production</p>


<p>The Sladus brand was founded in 2010. Today, Sladus Produce LLC is the largest producer of dragee sweets in Uzbekistan. The products of our factory are distinguished by great taste and bright original packaging. In a short time, we have managed to gain the trust of not only domestic consumers, but also potential buyers of foreign countries.</p>



<p>The company cares not only about the interests of consumers, but also about its employees. Creates conditions for employees to work effectively and satisfactorily. A kitchen that provides hot meals to first- and second-rate workers, a sanitary department staffed by high-class doctors,<br />  LLC FIBBER participated in the International Special Exhibition of Confectionery and Biscuits.<br /> FIBBER LLC employs about 300 people. Production volumes are carried out in Tashkent and throughout the country. The multifaceted nature of production, its scale and the presence of an independent network for processing cocoa beans allow the company to have a wide range of confectionery products among local producers. Today, FIBBER LLC is stocked with more than 100 different confectionery products.<br /> The company creates and implements an internal quality system based on a single responsibility and quality control system. This system controls the quality of raw materials and products at every stage of production.</p>